The Core Expertise of OSAKA YUKA INDUSTRY

High Purity Precision Distillation

We have a distillation track record of over 3,500 items and expertise backed by R&D accumulated daily.

  • High level separation

    We carry out processes like high-purity separation and refining, separation for specified impurities, separation for isomers, precision distillation for monomers and removal of residual solvents.

  • Wide range of fields

    We devise optimal methods by which to distill the target chemical substance and respond to the various requests of clients. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals or agricultural agents, perfume chemicals, liquid crystals, electronic materials or other substances, we can handle precision distillation in a wide range of fields.

  • Equipment design expertise

    We have equipment design expertise that lets us mix and match distillation equipment designed in-house to respond to a wide array of client requests.

  • Maintenance expertise

    While its par for the course to maintain the level of precision for distillation each day by having specialized divisions carrying out maintenance in-house, we can also perform adjustments that are meticulous with respect to vacuum degrees and other areas as well.

Wide range of refining

We have a framework that allows us to deal with the refining of substances with low boiling points as well as high boiling points and high melting point compounds.

  • Distillation apparatuses (20 stainless steel units from 100 to 10,000 L)

    ・Adjustments for vacuum degrees from normal pressure to 10 Pa
    ・We can perform adjustments to heating temperatures from 30 degrees centigrade to 300 degrees centigrade

  • Distillation experiment equipment (10 glass units of 0.1 - 50 L)

    ・Adjustments for vacuum degrees from normal pressure to 1 Pa
    ・We can perform adjustments to heating temperatures from 20 degrees centigrade to 330 degrees centigrade
    ・stainless steel

    ※Partial PFA coating

  • 24-hour-a-day continuous operation framework

    ・Refining is possible via 1000 hour continuous operation.