Plants and

Environmental and Safety Measures

Environmental Facilities

  • Oil-water separation vessels (5 locations)

    We use the differences in specific weight of water and oil to prevent the leakage of oil to outside the company. We carry out water quality checks every day and conduct thorough management thereof.

  • Exhaust incinerators (2 units)

    After removing chemical substances with deodorizing scrubbers, they are further incinerated in an exhaust incinerator to remove the smell.

  • Industrial waste storage facilities (2 locations)

    We have special locations to store industrial waste so that is doesn’t get mixed together with regular waste. We commission a specialized disposal company to handle the disposal of the waste for us.

  • Emergency leakage prevention tank (50 KL)

    Flowage and leaks of handled chemicals to outside of the company are prevented during emergencies with underground storage tanks. The inside of the tanks have been FRP-coated to strengthen water resistance.

  • Effluent storage tanks (2 tanks of 20 KL each)

    We store effluent in specialized tanks in order to prevent leakage to outside the company. We commission a specialized disposal company to handle the disposal of the effluent for us.

  • Dioxin-free waste incinerator

    A waste incinerator designed to not create any dioxin gases is used to get rid of regular waste inside the company.

  • Deodorizing scrubbers (7 units)

    Water is used to remove any chemical agents contained in gases that are discharged within the company.

Safety Measures

  • Monitoring systems

    At each of the company locations, we’ve set up infrared sensors and security cameras as part of our security management framework. We also carry out 24-hour-a-day monitoring of everyone who enters and leaves facilities and video recording conducted by central management rooms, offices and security firms with whom we have contracts.

  • Measures to prevent information leaks

    UTM (unified threat management system) security measures at Internet entry/exit points prevent the leakage of confidential data such as customer information outside of the company.

  • Specialized departments

    We conduct concentrated management of fire alarm systems set up throughout buildings at our company from central control rooms and company offices. At the same time, we have monitoring of power usage for fire alarms carried out by security firms with whom we have contracts with and by boiler management firms.