Precision Distillation Services


The Power to Propose Ideas

Our long years of experience and continuously cultivated expertise enables us to make the impossible possible.

During a history of roughly 70 years, the number of items for which we have conducted high-purity refining of chemical products is over 1,500 (Over 3,500 including experiments). Using our lengthy track record and knowledge resulting from accumulated R&D, we have undertaken projects of high difficulty and successfully achieved refining. We’ve produced constant results with respect to projects that had been turned down by other companies, for projects thought to work in theory but not quite in practice, among other projects. We’ve done this by assessing processing temperatures and time and combining a variety of methods. Thus, we’ve been praised by our clients as the place to go when it comes to precision distillation.


  • Knowledge accumulated through our rich past experience
  • Research division that allow us to conduct trial and error experiments in-house
  • Determined Attitude that has upper management out on the front-lines, with our employees coming together as one to think through any issue
  • In-house R&D proactively conducted at research divisions and joint research conducted with clients


A combination of apparatuses means that we can deal with all kinds of item types.
We have uniquely designed equipment that makes high purity possible.

The founder of our company refined his machinery expertise during his time at a shipbuilding and steel company. He designed distillation equipment able to refine organic compounds to a high purity level, and by 1997, we had on a group of multi-purpose precision distillation apparatuses our designed featuring unique high performance. Since then, we have continued to carry out meticulous improvements utilizing the strengths of our unique designs all the way up to the present day. Moreover, since we have a grasp on the precise details of apparatus mechanisms, recombination of apparatuses in accordance with classification is conducted smoothly. The precision of separation is also extremely high, making meaning that we achieve a high level of quality in terms of purity, recovery rates and distillation times; this is what supports the high level of expertise we have at OSAKA YUKA INDUSTRY. On another front, specialized divisions at our company work away thoroughly every day with respect to maintenance. By always making an effort put forth the very best in terms of the performance of our apparatuses, we’re able to maintain a stable level of quality for our clients. For the future, we have our eye on providing maintenance services for outside the company.


  • Unique designs that makes possible daily improvements, free rearrangement and high purity.
  • Our apparatus lineup can deal with projects of a smaller scale (0.1 L) to those of a larger scale (of 10,000 L).
  • Our in-house maintenance division keep the equipment with max performance constantly.
  • Environmentally-minded handling at a level where you’ll not smell a thing when it comes to chemical products, despite the sites being chemical plants.


Through our 24-hour-a-day services framework, we’ve realized both efficient production and timely servicing.

At OSAKA YUKA INDUSTRY, we can carry out non-stop, efficient production via continuous 24-hour-a-day operation. Manned monitoring takes place 24-hours-a-day for thorough process management, leading to the achievement of stable quality. Also, by dealing with client inquiries such as those sent to us by email in a timely manner, we are able to share production statuses with them in an effort to ensure peace of mind. We can also handle items that require a continuous 1,000 hours of operation.


  • Our continuous 24-hour-a-day operation framework efficiently allows us to achieve short delivery times
  • Our process management, which is thoroughly conducted via manned monitoring 24-hours-a-day
  • Timely responses; you’ll even be able to hear from us at night, on the weekends or during holidays
  • Handling of special items that require longer periods of operation


Whether its pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals or otherwise, we have clients who’ve been with us for decades.

Until present, we’ve mainly dealt with listed companies who have chosen us from among the top companies in various business categories to do business with them. We’ve also been asked to handle multiple projects in the highly demanding fields of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals; we also have a GMP-compliant production framework to go with that. Furthermore, we don’t just respond to a client’s request, we give them more than they’ve asked for when it comes to results and propose ways that improvements can be made under our motto of “inspiring the client”. Since we’ve been praised by clients in this way, we’ve had many come to rely on us and come back for repeat orders. There are some clients who’ve requested our services continuously for decades, and there is no shortage of clients who refer us to others as the place to go for whatever job they have in mind. We’ll never forget that our business is built on the support of our clients. At OSAKA YUKA INDUSTRY, we will do our utmost in the future as well to further inspire who we do business with.


  • Orders for highly difficult pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals projects
  • A motto that has us aiming to give clients more than they’ve asked for in terms of results, along with proposals for improvement
  • A GMP-compliant production framework that can also comply with client-side auditing
  • Our recognition as a first-rate good company of Hirakata City from the Hirakata Tax Office.