Precision Distillation Services

Plant Services


Support for introduction of small distillation apparatuses and others items at plants

Based on experiment data obtained using our equipment, we propose custom orders that built in-line with client requests with respect to precision distillation apparatuses from our product lineup. From single low volume apparatus units to HVAC apparatuses, we provide support implementation for a wide variety of apparatuses. In accordance with the requests of clients, we also provide performance improvements and other customization and maintenance services. While it goes without saying that we provide technical support for actual operation, we also offer proposals for optimal requirements and distillation methods for the purpose of establishing production frameworks that are aimed for by clients.

Services Process


Please make an inquiry via phone, fax or by email.


We verify the requests of the client and verify whether or not a small scale test will be required at our company.

(if one is being conducted)Small scale test

Concluding of an NDA
We’ll conclude an NDA based on client-side specifications
Investigation of requirements
An investigation on small scale testing requirements will be carried out
Small scale test
A small scale test is performed at our facilities based on the material sample

3Specification finalization and estimate

Specification finalization
Specifications are finalized based on client requests and small scale test results
An estimate sheet is submitted


Delivery dates are typically three months after the order is placed (except when specialized hardware is selected)


Installation begins in accordance with client requests

6Post-sale services

Periodic inspections
Yearly periodic inspections are proposed for the purpose of maintaining performance