CSR Activities

Basic Policy for CSR

We contribute to the development of society by creating rich value through our company’s business: precision distillation and purification.

Our Relationship with Stakeholders


Our clients

In order to ensure that our clients are consistently satisfied, we will continue to be a company that provides a high level of value-added service that takes into account the environment, through ensuring quality, safety and reliability.

Our suppliers

We will continue to be a company that contributes to society by developing business together with our suppliers while sharing social responsibility.

Local communities

We will continue to be a company that contributes to the development of local communities, respecting the culture and customers of countries and regions as a good corporate citizen.


We will continue to be a company where employees can feel both attached to and proud of the fact of their membership in our organization, as well as a place where they can enjoy a great deal of happiness.

Our Efforts

  • Elimination of discriminatory behavior

    We do not take part in any discriminatory behavior based on nationality, place of origin, gender or any other such factors in deciding upon employment, promotions and pay raises.

  • Harassment prevention

    In order to raise awareness when it comes to the prevention of harassment, we carry out activities such as training and the teaching of specific case studies where harassment has taken place.

  • Heat stroke measures

    We have measures in place for heat stroke. We supply sports drinks and other such items primarily to employees working outside.

  • Promotion of internal communication

    When employees conduct activities for the purpose of communication, such as business meals, we provide 3000 yen per person as an activity allowance for groups of 3 people or more (up to 4 times a year).

  • Education and training

    We have introduced various kinds of educational and training programs available for employees in accordance with their positions and roles within the company. Moreover, we also actively incorporate employee participation in outside seminars.

  • Self-improvement support

    We provide allowances for expenses incurred when taking courses for training approved by the company.

  • Incentive payments

    We encourage employees to make proposals for improvements and other matters and issue incentive payments when they do so.

  • Rehiring program

    We have discussions with all employees with respect to whether or not they would like to be rehired after reaching retirement age. As a rule, employees will be rehired and remain on staff until age 70.

  • ISO acquisition status

    We have obtained ISO9001 (quality management system) and ISO14001 (environmental management system)and ISO45001(occupational health and safety management system) and ISO27001(information security management system).

  • Time management related to overtime

    While overtime is not something that is easily prevented depending on the work content and the time of year, long periods of work that affect the health of our employees is something we must avoid. That’s why at OSAKA YUKA INDUSTRY, we monitor the monthly overtime work of everyone on our staff to ensure that they do not exceed 42 hours of overtime each month.