Precision Distillation Services

Business Content

We provide comprehensive services for precision distillation/refining
and propose to our customers the best solutions for them.

  • 1The best solutions we propose to our clients are made possible exactly due to the rich lineup
    of options we offer, which span from support for research and development to plant services.
  • 2A seamless one-company organizational framework means that we provide our customers with
    flexibility and speed in providing them with support for research and development all the way to
    scale-ups and plant implementation.
  • 3We don’t just respond to whatever it is that customers are in need of; we take on the role being
    the driving force behind their efforts as their best partner, conducting activities such as proposals
    for improvement serving to grow their business.
  • 4Covering everything with one company means that customers will see improvements in terms
    of security when it comes to their information assets.


Support for research and development

  • 24-hour-a-day frameworks for test distillation
  • Handling for spot projects
  • Handling for small-quantity projects

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Commissioned production

  • HVAC (High vacuum)
  • Multitude of processing steps
  • High melting points and high boiling points

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Plant services

  • Automated configuration
  • Space-saving
  • High scalability

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