Precision Distillation Services

R&D Support


Small scale distillation for research

For the purpose of fundamental research for our clients, we take the materials received and refine it with a distillation apparatus (from 0.1 L to 10 L) in the research lab. Based on those results, an optimized solution is derived for when the time comes to switch the apparatus being used for distillation at the production base.
Moreover, based on our motto of “giving clients more than they’ve asked for”, we actively make recipe proposals from differing angles; we don’t just produce the recipe as per the original request. Other than that, we also conduct a wide range of support that includes provision of aggregate data required for research, proposals geared towards future production, and scale-ups for commissioned processing.

Projects We’ll Handle

  • Projects involving boiling point differences of less than1°C
  • Projects involving substances with high melting/boiling points
  • High vacuum for heat-sensitive materials
  • Highly-corrosive substances
  • Percentiles (as much as possible)
  • Providing long-term continuous data
  • Spot tasks
  • Small-volume tasks
  • Providing backup support
  • Removal of metals

*We can handle various other tasks and requests as well. Please feel free to contact us.

Service Process


Please make an inquiry via phone, fax or by email.


Concluding of an NDA
We’ll conclude an NDA based on client-side specifications
We’ll talk about the number of units, the required purity, and methods of analysis, as well as the physical properties and processing requirements, among other factors pertaining to the project
Experimental refining
We’ll conduct experimental refining using a material sample
Evaluation of experiment results
Evaluation takes place of the experiment results and consultation on product standards and other issues

3Actual Production

An estimate is submitted
Contract for commissioning
The content of the commissioned project is finalized
Production and delivery
The product is refined using the actual production equipment and delivered to the client
Finished product evaluation
Evaluation of the finished product is conducted along with a consultation on the next project to be commissioned